The Rachel Report Issue #6

The Rachel Report

Monday, April 18th, 2022 

Issue #5

Dear Liberty-Lovers,

T-minus 22 days until primaries! Time flies when you’re…surrounded by organized chaos? Isn’t that how the saying goes? Just kidding. Times flies when you’re having fun and goodness, are we having fun! Meeting Idahoans in our district and around our state has been amazing. Last week I shared that word of our campaign reached Rexburg and this week we met a couple in east Idaho Falls who said: “We’ve been closely following your campaign!” That always leaves me speechless. We are taking ground every day.

My campaign manager always asks me: “what’s on your heart?” or “What fire is burning today?” before speaking at an event, meet and greet, or writing my weekly Rachel Report. This week before a meet and greet on Tuesday, she asked- and I responded “injustice.” On Wednesday before an interview with the Idaho Press, she asked- and I responded “injustice.” On Thursday before a luncheon, she asked and I responded, “injustice.” And today, before writing this email, she asked and again, I immediately thought “injustice.”

There are two things that I hate more than anything else in this world: bullies and injustice.

Ever since I was a kid, few things got me into more trouble than fighting bully’s and nothing riles me up faster than injustice. From small injustices such as teachers “grading on a curve (that drove me NUTS in college!),” to life-altering ones such as crime, fraud, and abuse of power… I’ve always hated when things are wrong, when people are being taken advantage of, and when people’s rights are infringed.

We have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. Talking to people this week reminded me of some of the injustices that have occurred in our state as a result of fear and weak leadership. I spoke with a woman last week who was fired from her job in Nampa because she refused to wear a mask at work. That’s wrong. I talked to a man whose business was deemed “non-essential” in 2020 and because of that, his business is struggling to keep its doors open. That’s wrong. I met a man door knocking who was a Korean War veteran and told me about how difficult it was for elderly veterans to get good treatment for “non-life threatening” medical issues because they were deemed “high risk patients” the past two years. That’s wrong. I encountered a family who is now homeschooling all four of their children because they were coming home every day from school with headaches, dizziness, and nausea because of wearing masks. That’s wrong. Two weeks ago I met a man whose wife died alone in a hospital because they refused to let him in as a result of “COVID policy.” That. Is. Wrong.

The minute we begin serving “policy,” big corporations, or government mandates over people is the moment we have become tyrannical.

What was your legislator doing while all this was happening in our state? While our inalienable rights were trampled. While people lost their jobs. While people died alone. Mine did nothing. There were a handful of legislators working TIRELESSLY to protect Idahoans, but they were severely out-numbered.

It has been two years since this pandemic began, and we are still feeling the effects of how it was handled. Idaho has yet to recover. Our legislature had the power to protect Idahoans from losing their jobs, being deemed “non-essential,” being forced to wear masks, being prohibited from going to parks and churches…And they didn’t. That’s wrong.


We had some fun encounters door-knocking this week!

Last Wednesday, I met a Korea veteran and his wife who had been married for 71 years. She told me “he’s my soulmate.” They invited me inside and showed me photos of him in his uniform and them on their wedding day… 71 years of life together. I told her how beautiful she looked with her bouffant hair and he smiled, took her hand and said “she’s still just as pretty as she was then.”

One of the last doors I knocked on Wednesday, I met a woman who not only shared onion seeds with me, but showed me her and her husband’s rock collection! In another life, I think I would have been a geologist. I loved chatting about rocks with her and hearing her stories.

On Saturday evening, I met a young mom of 4 who I am looking forward to having a cup of tea with. As a new transplant from California, she seemed nervous to tell me where they moved from. I just told her “welcome home, because once this place has ya… there’s no going back.” We talked politics and education for a while before her kids ran over to the door. Before I knew it, I was being shown dinosaur toys, “how I ride my bike without training wheels now,” and being told about trains by the sweetest gap-toothed little one.

Meeting people in our area and hearing their concerns and stories has been so much fun!


Monday, April 25th I will be speaking at a forum with my opponent at Still Water Hollow from 6 to 9pm. Tickets are $15. Please RSVP to .

Tuesday, April 26th, I will be speaking at a meet and greet hosted by Kathy Niemic at 11942 W Wetland Park Dr. Star, ID. 83669 at 7pm.

Door knockers! YOU ARE NEEDED! We will be going out the evenings of Wednesday the 27th, Thursday 28th, Saturday the 30th, Sunday the 1st of May, and Monday May 2nd from 3pm to 8pm. Door knockers all get T shirts! Please RSVP to me via email or text.

Friday, April 29th I will have a booth for “Candidates in the Park” at Lion’s Park in Nampa from 5-8pm. This is a FREE event with refreshments, a jump house for the kiddos, and lots of candidates to meet from all around Idaho!

Tuesday, May 3rd, I will be speaking at the Ada County Liberty Dinner at Watson’s in Boise at 6:30. Tickets are $15.

OUR GUN GIVEAWAY IS LIVE! Click Here to enter! Tell your friends!

We must protect our jobs. We must protect our children. We must make Idaho a place where families, individuals, local businesses, and education can flourish once again. We must protect our liberty.

People often ask me, “what makes you the best candidate in this race?” I believe it boils down to three things: passion, conviction, and a love for this place we call home.

I am passionate about justice and liberty and I will fight for it. I want justice and liberty for myself and my family as much as you want it for yours. We need more people in office who are passionate about upholding the constitution and representing the will of We the People.

I am passionate about justice and liberty and I will fight for it. I want justice and liberty for myself and my family as much as you want it for yours. We need more people in office who are passionate about upholding the constitution and representing the will of We the People.

Finally, I love this state. I love our beautiful Idahome and I want to keep it the beacon of justice and liberty it has always been.

I know it may seem sort of random to have my weekly update about the COVID-19 pandemic, but after talking to people this week who are still facing very real and devastating repercussions of Idaho’s COVID-19 response and policies, I think it’s important that we don’t “normalize” what happened in Idaho the past few years. It still shocks me that our schools, churches, and business were closed down. It still shocks me that I had to wear a mask when walking into WinCo. It still shocks me that I had to take a test to get on an airplane. It still shocks me that little children in schools were separated and forced to wear masks all day long at school.

In Idaho.

I remember the week of the first lockdowns, I was speaking on the phone to a sister in the Lord who was living in Chicago at the time. She told me about the lockdowns and I said, “well of course that’s happening in Chicago, it’s Chicago.” The next day I talked to another friend in New York and I said, “well of course it’s happening in New York, it’s New York.” And to my cousin in California I said, “well, California is California so that makes sense.” Then it happened here. I never thought it would, but it did.

Let’s not normalize how astounding that is for this state. Let’s not normalize liberal legislation. Let’s not normalize not being represented well.

Let’s not give an inch to injustice.

Let’s fight for what is righton every level and in every situation. Let’s do the next right thing.

Let’s keep Idaho, Idahome!

For Idaho,

Rachel Hazelip

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