The Rachel Report Issue #23

June 2023 | Issue No. 23

The Rachel Report

Canyon County Republican Committeewoman

Upcoming events

Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 the Treasure Valley Republican Women’s Club is partnering with Stanton Healthcare for a baby shower celebrating the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade! As usual, the luncheon will be held at Bob’s Restaurant 1411 Shilo Dr. Nampa. Food orders begin at 11:30 and the event begins at 12!

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 is our next youth event! We are going Axe Throwing at Precision Axe Range in Canyon County at 2108 Caldwell Blvd STE 117, Nampa, ID 83651. We only have slots for 20 people so RSVP ASAP! MUST RSVP to attend! Also, It’s Flag Day! So wear your Red, White, and Blue in honor of our Star Spangled Banner!

Thursday, June 15th, 2023 is the “Z Hobby Farm Backyard Bash!” Food (by donation) is served at 6pm and special speakers Neil Mammen and Pastor Marty Yost will speak at 7pm! The address is 3215 E. 3225 N. Twin Falls, Idaho.

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 is the Canyon County Central Committee meeting at 7pm at the Canyon County Administration Building in Caldwell. This is a great way to be involved in Republican “politics on the ground.”

Friday and Saturday, June 23-24th is the IDGOP Summer Meeting at Living Waters Ranch in Challis, Idaho! These two days will be jam-packed with committees and general sessions where we will be voting on rules, resolutions, and other GOP business. Stay tuned for an update in July!

Saturday, June 24th, 2023 is the Meridian Dairy Days Fair and we are in search for Republican volunteers! Particularly youth! There will be a televised parade that a few Republican groups are hoping to have some volunteers for! Please let me know if you are interested in donating your time for this fun community event and I will connect you to the correct people!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 is the God and Country Festival! This is an incredible day of celebrating God and country and is free admission! Bring out the family for fun carnival food, Christian music, and the greatest firework show in Idaho! I have been attending this amazing event since I was a young child and I have such sweet memories attending and volunteering for this event! The Ada, Canyon, and Gem County Republican youth will also be gathering for fun that night! Please contact Ashley Mujagic, myself, or Forrest Tomlin to RSVP! More details for youth to come on my Facebook, Instagram and my website, under News & Events.

I want to address the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about the liberal hijacking of the month of June.

Let’s talk about Pride Month.

June was chosen to be “Pride Month” by President Bill Clinton in 1999 to commemorate “the anniversary of [the] Stonewall [riots]” of 1969 in Manhattan. Since the presidency of Barack Obama, as is the case with all liberal ideologies, “Pride Month” has taken on a life of its own.

Each year, the political Left hijacks an entire month and uses it as an excuse to promote and celebrate sexual deviance, the sexualization of children, and the erosion of the natural family.

And one of the worst parts? They hijacked God’s symbol of promises made and promises kept by using a rainbow flag… One of the most egregious aspects of June being “Pride Month” is that we, Conservatives and Christians, have let this happen.      

They’ve hijacked social norms, gender roles, the family unit; feminized men, masculated women, and called all who do not buy into or support that ideology “haters” and a “danger” to society.

The left has weaponized propaganda to reconstruct what is viewed as “normal” and “acceptable.” 

Acceptance of homosexuality has turned into a celebration of it, which has morphed into further acceptance of alternate realities and the idea of gender fluidity, which has become the normalization of transgenderism, then the celebration of it, to now the requirement that society embraces it or be called “homophobic,” “transphobic,” “haters,” and now even “domestic terrorists.”

We need to make the natural family, sex within the confines of marriage and between one man and one woman; sex and gender reality, and gender norms, normal again.

The month of June holds historically significant events in the United States of America. Commanders in Chief have been named, a Declaration written, Constitutions altered and debated, bloody battles fought at home and abroad, resolutions passed, and judgments repealed.    

Instead of June being “Pride Month,” let’s make June “Proud American Month” as we remember the tumultuous month the founding fathers had in 1775 and 1776 before they bravely and proudly declared to the on-looking world that the colonies were free and independent states, covered and blessed by God. Or “Proud American Month” as we remember the thousands of men who died in France to win a war on tyranny 79 years ago. Or “Proud American Month” as we remember the tremendous victory claimed in 2022 against the precedent of the murder of children in the womb over the past fifty years of this nation’s history. 

I am proud of this country.

I am proud of the values the United States stands for.

I am proud of the legacy we inherited.

I am proud to be an American.

All “Pride Month” does for me, is remind me that we are in a culture war that is not one I am willing to lose. All it does is remind me how precious this country is while igniting a fire within me to stand. All it does is remind me to be brave and not cower to liberal, woke ideology.   

Friday, June 24th, 2023 marks the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade! As Christians, Conservatives, and Americans this day should be a day celebrated with balloons, parades, prayers of thanksgiving, barbeques, and dancing. What a day. No, this did not outlaw abortion. But it finally allowed states to exercise their right to outlaw abortion in their legislatures. As Americans, we have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Life is a fundamental right, given by God. That means no government can take that away. For fifty years, the federal government has allowed this unalienable rights violation to be codified unconstitutionally. No more. On June 24th, please remember and remind your children about the importance of this day and remember the estimated 63 million children who have been murdered in the womb in this country over the span of the past fifty years.

Their blood cries out. Remember their blood. 

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This Months Liberty Gem

June 6th marks the seventy-ninth anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy.  

I wish this day was a national holiday. It should be. What was accomplished was the beginning of the end of one of the most devastating wars in human history. What was accomplished was against every odd. What was accomplished will always live on in infamy…

The invasion of Western Europe that launched with the Battle of Normandy was codenamed “Operation Overlord” and commenced on June 6th, 1944 after nearly four years of Nazi occupation of France.

American, Canadian, and British troops stormed the northern coast of France in the largest amphibious assault in history. Roughly 156,000 Allied soldiers were in France by the end of the day. Over 75,000 American men participated in the D-Day invasion.The invasion was originally supposed to occur on June 5th, but the weather delayed the assault by 24 hours. President Eisenhower gave the green light on Operation Overlord and wrote to the troops, “The eyes of the world are upon you. The hope and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you… Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well-trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely…The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to Victory! I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory” (General Eisenhower, 1944)!

And victory the men claimed.

On the evening of June 5th, more than 5,000 ships and more than 11,000 aircraft were launched for France from England for an assault on the Germans by air, land, and water. 

By dawn on June 6th, thousands of paratroopers were behind enemy lines and preparing the way for the water invasion. The largest clash occurred on Omaha Beach. An estimated one in every 22 men were killed upon arrival at that fateful beach.

The initial battle on the beaches of Normandy lasted eighteen hours. By the end of the eighteen hours, the Allies had changed the tide of the war. By the end of August 1944, all of Northern France had been liberated from Nazi rule. Within eight months, Germany had surrendered to the Allies and the War in the West was over.

The remarkable part of D-Day that has always inspired me was that the men who stormed the beaches knew that they would probably die. France was arguably Hitler’s greatest stronghold. As it turned out, France is what was standing between Hitler’s power and failure. They knew the fight would be gruesome. They knew the odds were stacked against them. They knew death was almost certain.

Yet, they still set to work accomplishing their mission.

They still stormed the beaches.

These men were brave.

Charlie Kirk talked this week about bravery and he raised some really important points.

Right now, our culture is redefining bravery… Society calls women who are independent and dress provocatively “brave.” Society calls transgender individuals “brave.” Society calls people who come out as gay and lesbian, “brave.” Society calls sexual deviance- bisexuality, non-monogamy, and non-binaryism- “brave.” Society calls the BLM movement, “brave.” Society calls “speaking your truth,” “brave.”

But it’s not.

“Brave” is standing up when the world tells you to sit down. “Brave” is speaking out when the world is trying to silence you. “Brave” is loving people enough to tell them the truth. “Brave” is saying “yes” to God’s purpose for your life. “Brave” is doing the right thing when it costs you. “Brave” is answering the call of your country. “Brave” is laying down your life for another or for freedom. “Brave” is storming the beaches of Normandy.

Right now, the United States may be paralleled with 1940-1944 Normandy. We have been invaded and taken over by “the Axis” which in our case is liberal ideology and it is wreaking havoc on society, killing innocent people, and undoing liberty and justice.

It’s time for our D-Day. It’s time to storm the beaches of our Omaha. It’s time to fight this culture war we are in with everything we have in our communities, schools; the medical industry, food industry, legislature, and everything else. For us, this looks like speaking out, standing up, and refusing to give liberal ideology an inch. We have to hold onto American exceptionalism, traditionalism, and values and refuse to let them erode. We need to be involved in our communities, churches, and schools and refuse to hand our culture to satan. We must fight this culture war with the goal of “nothing less than victory.” 

As Americans, we stand upon a tradition of bravery.

America was built by bravery.

America has been sustained by bravery.

America will only be saved…by bravery.

Be brave.

Dear Liberty Lovers,

Happy June! It is difficult to believe that we are halfway through the year already! May brought both challenges and blessings! At the conclusion of my spring classes and the most recent portion of my dissertation work, my sister and I grabbed our passports and escaped to the beach for a few weeks for some much-needed respite.

One of the highlights of our trip was being able to fellowship with other believers at a Calvary Chapel in another country. I love hearing the gospel in other languages, worshiping with brothers and sisters in the Lord from a different culture, and connecting with the body of Christ through the Holy Spirit. How amazing is God that He transcends language, societal, and cultural barriers? We serve a very, very good God.  

While I was away, a “memory” popped up on my iPhone that reminded me on May 17th that it had already been a year since my election race was decided. It was sweet flipping through photos and memories from March through May last year but it also brought about an alarming realization for me that made my heart race.

We are t-minus six months away from the next legislative session and the beginning of our next primary election campaign season.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the 2022, 2024, and 2026 primary elections are the most critical in Idaho history. We gained a little bit of ground in the 2022 election, but the honest and perhaps brutal truth is: We didn’t gain enough to save our state.

The past year, we have seen some INCREDIBLE steps in the right direction (pun intended). The IDGOP is transforming under the bold leadership of our very own Chairwoman Dorothy Moon, the Senate is stronger than it has been in, I would argue, decades, and churches are getting involved in civics!

That is really exciting and encouraging! I think often I become so focused on the work to be done that I fail to look back and remember the work accomplished. I have been guilty of this since I was a child.

While traveling I had a moment of freak out where I thought, “We’re not ready! We have so much to do to prepare people for this upcoming election! We’re going to lose!” Then God reminded me that so many hearts have been prepared, worked on, and cultivated in the past year. God has done some mighty things in our little state and He is still working.   

I thought I’d share that in case anyone is feeling the way I was… I wanted to remind us that Idaho has awakened. I wrote that in the Rachel Report, I sent out the week following losing my primary election. I stated that “Idaho, we have awakened. And we are filled with terrible resolve to fight for what’s right.”

Republicans are awakening. Christians are awakening. Idaho is awakening.

County Central Committees are mobilizing, churches are hosting events, people are asking tough questions, mums and dads are showing up to school board meetings, and citizens are testifying in legislative committees… Very little if any of that was happening in March of last year.

Keep pressing forward. Now is the time to fight. Fight strategic. Fight hard. Fight now.

Positive change is taking place, but… we are still in danger of losing our state. We can’t let up even for a second or we’ll lose ground.

Last year when I was really tired, God reminded me of a memory from about five years ago on a hiking trip. My hiking group and I were high up in the mountains and got caught at the bottom of a gulch in a fairly big rainstorm. If you are familiar with gulches, you know that is not where you want to be when heavy rain hits. That’s a good way to drown or get buried in a landslide.

My group and I immediately started to hike straight up the side to the clearing on top but halfway through, the heavy rain turned the dirt into deep, slippery mud. For a while, I would climb a few steps on all fours, pause to catch my breath in the knee-deep mud, then keep going. But during that pause, I would slip a foot or two backward. Seeing this, one of my friends looked over his shoulder and yelled, “Don’t pause, keep pressing!”

Every time I paused, I was losing ground.

Eventually, we reached the top and were safe from the rushing water and landslides.

As I think about this work we are all doing to save our state, we can’t let up, we can’t pause…because when we do, we lose ground. 

Keep pressing in this last stretch before the Primaries. We have lots of work to do and we all have different jobs God has asked us to do.

Some of us are called to run for office, some of us are called to speak, some of us are called to host events, some of us are called to take it to the streets, advise, and educate, and some of us are called to donate, host, and knock doors. None of those tasks are greater than the other or require greater or less faithfulness and obedience. 

Be faithful in the task God has given you and be obedient to the call He has put on your life. We are all called to be involved in civics because we’re all commanded to be involved in righteousness and morality.

This election is coming at us a thousand miles per hour and we need to be prepared, our churches need to be prepared, and our communities need to be prepared. 

This is a critical election.

Too often, I hear people defend many of the individuals in office who are currently pushing through policy and legislation that is not aligned with the Constitution or the Republican Party platform.

Too often I hear people say things like, “Well, they’re not that bad. There are worse ones in there;” or “Well, they’re not doing anything really, but better that, than them doing something bad;” or “We need to be focusing on the really bad ones, not the moderate ones.”

Idaho, gone are the days when Republicans who are “not that bad” or “not necessarily doing anything bad” is acceptable.

If they’re not actively doing anything to protect liberty, advance justice, safeguard conservative values, or support Americanism, get them out.

If they are not actively fighting against liberal ideology, increased government, medical tyranny, and increased spending…Get. Them. Out.

We are losing our country and state. 

Moderate isn’t good enough.

We the People deserve better than that. The founding fathers stood for more than that.

People sometimes try to make the argument with me that the founders would be classified as political moderates in today’s political landscape…


They were radical. Their ideas were revolutionary. Their beliefs were worth their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. They fought a revolution over the stuff that’s going on now… it was just packaged differently.

The founders were fire-breathers. They were disrupters. That’s what we need in political office again.

At such a time as this in American and Idaho history…We need fire-breathing conservatives in office.

We need conservatives who fiercely adhere to the Constitution and Party platform in office.

We need men and women with integrity, courage, and moral conviction in office.

We need conservatives who are not concerned about their careers, do not view politics as a morally grey area; will put it all on the line for liberty and justice, and who are brave.  

We need men and women who are brave enough to stand up to powerful people and corporations who try to bully them into voting a certain way.

We need men and women who are brave enough to stand up for truth, righteousness, and morality even if it costs them their careers.

We need brave men and women in office who refuse to play the political game.

And we need brave men and women to stand behind those in office and remind them of their oaths, encourage them when their stances cost them, hold them accountable when they mess up, and celebrate them when they act in boldness.

Politics isn’t a game despite what some politicians may say. It is real people, with real lives, struggles, and rights. Politics matters because policy matters and policy matters because people matter. Liberal ideology is distorting politics, perverting policy, and most gravely, destroying people.

We must hold the line.   

Idaho, we cannot settle for anything less than conservatives who will fight like our state and nation depend on it… because they do.

There are too many people calling themselves conservative Republicans and not acting accordingly across our nation.

As Americans, we cannot settle for anything less than proud conservatives because we cannot settle for anything less than a strong America.

Last week, I submitted a short paper to an entity in DC that asked me,

“Explain why you are a conservative in 1,000 words.”

“1,000 words to explain why I am a conservative?” I thought to myself, “I really only need six: Because I am a proud American.”

Conservative values and ideas advance, support, protect, and expand life, liberty, and justice. The United States was founded upon the idea that humans are endowed with rights that governments are established to protect, and when those liberties are protected, people will create a prosperous society. 

Conservatism aims at preserving the values of individual liberty, rule of law, limited government, a free market economy, fiscal responsibility, and sovereignty that made this country the most benevolent, prosperous, and free nation in the world. 

Because the United States is synonymous with these values, it is a natural conclusion that I am a conservative because I am a proud American. In the twenty first century, liberal ideology has largely become synonymous with socialism and is a worldview that is counter-intuitive to Americanism.  

I dearly love this country. I love the Constitution. And I love the values the United States has always represented.

Because I believe in the principles our founding fathers held fast, I am a conservative.

Because I am a Christian, I am a conservative.

Because I am a member of a family, have a job, believe in justice, and love liberty, I am a conservative.

Because children matter- born and unborn- I am a conservative.

Because truth matters, I am a conservative.

Because national security matters, I am a conservative.

Because people matter, I am a conservative.

Because I am an American, I happily stand for this beloved country of ours.

Because comfort is not so dear to me as to come at the cost of America, I have dedicated my life to promoting the conservative values I hold dear to safeguard this country I cherish. 

To this end, I pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor.

Be brave.

Growing up, my dad has always been a “preparedness guy.” He was the sort of dad that taught us how to get out of a house if it was ever on fire, how to protect ourselves on the street; when to strike first and when to walk away, how to survive in the mountains, what to do when a bear approaches in the wilderness, and how to shoot a gun for sport and self-defense.

For as long as I can remember, he has said, “Panic breeds panic, bravery breeds bravery.”

In times of crisis, it’s easy to see people panicking and (as we saw in 2020-2023) surrender freedom as a result. Panic is contagious. Fear is contagious. Apathy is contagious.

But in times of crisis, nothing breeds bravery like a single person stepping forward and doing the right thing. That single person sparks a reaction that motivates people to be brave. 

Your bravery is contagious.

Your bravery will inspire others to be brave.

Your bravery can restore our Republic.

A fearful nation is a defeated nation.   

But as long as brave men and women fight, there is hope.

Be brave and know that as you step out in courage, you are not alone, and your nation thanks you…for we are the land of the free and the home of the brave.

God bless you,

Let’s Keep Idaho, Idahome!

For Idaho,

Rachel Hazelip

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  1. We don’t get to choose our Goliath we just fight it, we don’t get to choose our storm we just survive it, we can’t pause because our enemy has never paused, we have to keep pressing, yelling to encourage each other not to let go, nor to give up, and the reward for passing a test is having another test. Happy blessed Father’s Day to all fathers. You are all your kids’ heros, you are your wife’s hero, and you are the hero of your story. May our Lord God, father of our savior, Jesus Christ, bless you always, and the power of the Holy Spirit always fills you up, in Jesus’ name. Amen


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