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Monday November 7th 2022 | Issue No. 16

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This Months Liberty Gem

If you were to ask people on the street what type of government the United States operates under, you would get a variety of answers, but most people typically answer “a democracy.”

A democracy, however, is a nation in which everything is voted on directly by the people. Of course this is a greatly simplified definition, but you get the picture. Often, direct democracies lead to mob rule in which minority groups (ideological or religious minorities that is) do not have a voice. Winston Churchill famously criticized direct democracies by stating, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

The United States is not a democracy. We are a Republic of separated powers that operates under liberal democracy.

A republic is a form of government which derives power from the consent of the governed, where the people’s will is represented by elected individuals, and where the government’s power and the rights of the citizens are enumerated in a Constitution.

The liberal part of liberal democracy refers to the liberties the government ought to guarantee to citizens including freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press, as well as the right to own property. The democracy part of liberal democracy refers to self-governance and equality before the law.

Liberal democracy is marked by four distinct characteristics: 1. it affords freedom of religious belief and practice; 2. it safeguards the people’s power to keep the government accountable; 3. it allows and is supported by citizen participation through voting, being part of a political party or coalition, running for office, or engaging in campaigning for a political candidate or ideology; and 4. it supports natural law and natural and civil rights.

For a liberal democracy to function properly, a nation must be under a set rule of law and have a developed civil society. By set rule of law, of course we are referring to a constitution which should outline limitations of the government, the people’s rights, and explain the nations governing process.

The purpose of government isn’t to create a set of rules and laws, present it to the people, and say “okay, live within the confines of these laws.” The government is meant to create laws which “establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty…” The purpose of government is to expand freedom, not constrain it.

Separation of power is an extremely important aspect of the American form of government. The Founders instituted the United States with checks and balances at every level of power. Every government of the United States- whether federal, state, or local- possesses powers that are split between executive, legislative, and judicial branches. This works to limit government overreach, restrain individual power, and lessen tyranny and despotism.

If America is a republic and a republic is hallmarked by, 1. the consent of the governed, and 2. the will of the people being represented by elected officials, then elections are paramount to our form of government.

Your greatest power as an American is in casting your ballot. There, you determine how you want to be governed.

No right is more sacred to the preservation of liberty than voting.

Dear Liberty Lovers,

Happy November! Can you believe it’s here already?

November 8th. The General Election.

Many of us have extremely mixed feelings about this election, some of the candidates running, and voting in general the past few years.

Believe me friends…I hear you.

But I want to tell you today, how important it is to vote tomorrow. Why? Because people have died to protect our sacred right to vote. Because voting is the purest form of liberal democracy. Because we are arguably never as “American” as we are when we stand at the ballot box. Because our country cannot function properly without our votes.

I know that’s difficult to hear when there is such low citizen confidence in elections right now.

Too often I hear “why even bother voting? It’s all fixed anyways.”

That’s easy to think in today’s political climate.

But if you believe this, I have to respectfully but ardently disagree with you.

Voting matters.

Let’s look at a local race as an example. Judy Boyle in District 9 here in Idaho won her election with six votes this past primary election against Scott Syme. 

Six. Votes.

Your ballot could be one of the six that sway an election in favor of a Republican.

I know some of us are tempted to believe our vote doesn’t matter…but it does. Even if…I’m going to say it…Even if there is cheating in a race…your vote still matters! 

That is why I am working to mobilize people to vote in future Idaho primaries… because the 32% voter turnout we saw in the May primaries is too low. I understand that it’s hard to vote when you’re unsure if your vote really counts. But, one of the ways we beat cheating at any level, if there is cheating, is a high voter turnout in which Conservatives overwhelm the opposition.

Imagine what would happen if every Republican in Idaho would vote in the primaries.

Our ballot tomorrow would look different.

Imagine is every Republican would vote tomorrow in the general election.

We’re talking about a state that 63.9% of the population voted for Trump…

We the people of Idaho are RED! But it doesn’t matter if we the people are red or blue if we don’t express it at the polls in May and November.

Well now that I’ve hopefully convinced you to vote tomorrow if you weren’t planning on it…Let’s talk about what’s on the ballot.

I was not originally going to write anything directly talking about candidates or what’s on the ballot in this election, however, over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of people reach out with questions about candidates.

It’s difficult to vote when you feel like you don’t have a lot of good options. I understand that. Sometimes you can feel as though you are between a rock and a hard place. 

But I assure you, there are some STRONG candidates and a critical issue on the ballot this November and I want to share a few of them with you.

I’d like to preface by saying that I am ONLY writing on here the candidates who I, 1. personally know, and 2. believe are not only the “lesser of two evils” so to speak, but are the BEST candidates for the job.

Every person I have listed, I believe are warriors and will fight for Idaho (These are the candidates I know and am excited about! Though, just because I have not listed a few positions on here does not mean I’m saying I’m leaving those slots blank on my ballot. If a name or position is not on this list and you have questions…Please text or email me).

Congressional Candidates- 

Representative District 1: Russ Fulcher

State-Wide Candidates-

State Treasurer: Julie Ellsworth

Attorney General: Raul Labrador

Legislative District (LD)2-

House Seat A: Heather Scott

LD 5-

House Seat A: Ron Mendive 

LD 9-

House Seat A: Jacyn Gallagher 

House Seat B: Judy Boyle

LD 10-

House Seat B: Bruce Skaug

Senate: Tammy Nichols

LD 11-

Senate: Chris Trakel 

LD 12-

House Seat B: Jaron Crane

Senate: Ben Adams

LD 13-

House Seat A: Brent Crane

Senate: Brian Lenney

LD 14-

House Seat B: Josh Tanner

LD 15-

House Seat A: Steve Kyyser

House Seat B: Dori Healey

Senate: Codi Galloway

LD 16-

House Seat B- Jackie Davidson

LD 19-

House Seat B: James Faasau 

LD 23-

House Seat B: Tina Lambert

District 29-

House Seat B: Jake Stevens

CWI Board of Trustees-

Ryan Spoon

Thad Butterworth

Jan Zarr

Alisha Hickman

Canyon County Commissioners-

Zach Brooks

Constitutional Amendment SJR 102-


Third Judicial District Court Judges-

Thomas A. Sullivan- Yes.

Idaho Advisory Question-


There are three things on your ballot that I believe are paramount in this election that I listed above but want to highlight:

1. The Attorney General race. Getting Raul Labrador in office is critical.

2. The CWI Board of Trustees race. Getting Ryan Spoon, Jan Zarr, Thad Butterworth, and Alicia Hickman in office is extremely important.

3. Passing SJR102 is vital for equalizing our branches of government. This amendment will help prevent tyranny.

I want to expand a little bit on SJR102. Remember we talked about the separation of powers in this month’s liberty gem? A portion of that laid the groundwork for us to talk about SJR102. There is a good deal of propaganda going around about SJR102. Certain groups are saying things such as: “it will create a full-time legislature,” and “it will increase government spending.” Organizations like Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry (IACI) and the Idaho Democrat Party are pouring an enormous amount of money into trying to stop SJR102.

In reality, SJR102 will make the legislature an equal branch of the government. To have an equal distribution of power, the legislature must be able to call themselves into session and set their own agenda.

Remember in September 2021 when fifteen legislators wanted to establish a quorum to force the legislature back into session to fight Biden’s COVID mandates? Well, currently, only the governor has the power to do that outside of regular session.

We have ALL seen how that’s led to tyranny the past few years.   

SJR102 will allow the legislature to call itself into session with a 60% majority of the House and Senate.

I will also always endorse the Republican candidates over ANY Democrat candidate. One of the exciting things about having a new Chairwoman for the Republican Party is that all members of the executive branch and all legislators with an “R” by their name will now be held accountable for their policies, decisions, and votes!

Elections matter. 

Yes, the general election in Idaho isn’t nearly as consequential as the primary election…but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. We have some battleground districts right now where the Democrat Party is funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to beating Republicans in key areas of Idaho. For example, if you are in District 10, we have a fierce race for Senate between a proven conservative and freedom fighter and a liberal Democrat.

As this Election Day draws near… Consider who is worthy of your vote. You only get one my friends. That one vote makes you a participant in liberal democracy. In our Republic.

Your vote makes a statement. 

Your vote determines who will represent your voice.

Your vote determines who will represent your children.

Your vote determines how self-sustaining Idaho is.

Your vote determines how much of your hard-earned money stays in your pocket.

Your vote determines if we remain RED.

You are placing an enormous amount of trust in the person you select on your ballot. That person receives your one and only vote (for that position of course) and they should carry that responsibility with truth, honor, and reverence.

At the end of the day…Who you vote for is between you and God and He will give you the discernment in the ballot box if you ask Him and listen for His voice. He is faithful.

Your vote is sacred.

It is your right as an American. 

will not ever tell anyone how to vote. When asked, I will not shy away from giving my recommendations, but ultimately, your ballot is between you and God. But for this election and every one to come, when considering which candidate to vote for, I will say this:

Vote for children. They are our most precious and vulnerable group. If we lose our children…Hear me…Our. Nation. Will. Fall. We must protect their minds and hearts.

Vote for parents. Mums and Dads, you know your children best. You ought to have the right to decide critical medical, educational, and social issues for your child. You should have the power…not the state or federal government.

Vote for education. If we continue to raise up a generation of children who are being indoctrinated and taught what to think rather than how to think…All of our political efforts will be in vain.

Vote for agriculture. History has taught us that one of the first things “to go” during a socialist revolution is agriculture. Vote to protect and preserve agriculture. 

Vote for security. We need secure borders and a well-functioning and adequately funded police force. Without people to enforce laws we fall into anarchy.

Vote for Representation.

Vote for Justice.

Vote for Liberty.

Politics is a messy field.

But politics matter because policy matters and policy matters because people matter.

You matter.

Your kids matter.

You are America. You are the greatest political experiment of all time. You are the land of the free. You are the home of the brave. 

We fight for our country and our state and one of the ways we do that, is by voting. That way, the “millions yet unborn may know the priceless joy of liberty…” (General H.H Arnold, 1944).

God bless you and lead you as you vote tomorrow.

Let’s Keep Idaho, Idahome!

For Idaho,

Rachel Hazelip

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” ~Abraham Lincoln

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  1. “There is nothing to fear-but fear itself.” (FDR).
    “No one can ride on your back unless it’s bent.” (MLK.Jr).
    Cast your votes with faith because ” Faith doesn’t make sense, it makes miracles.” (Tone Evans).


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