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My name is Rachel Hazelip and I was raised in this beautiful state, right here in District 10.

I was raised in a Christian home but made the personal decision to live for Jesus Christ my senior year of high school and have found a church home at Mountain Heights Calvary Chapel. I was homeschooled and raised in Idaho’s AMAZING homeschool community where my parents founded co-ops throughout the Treasure Valley and beyond. As a homeschool family, we spent quite a bit of time down at the Capitol for government lessons, events, peaceful rallies, and watching legislation be debated.

Growing up in this state has been a unique gift. Not only is it historically a place where God is honored in the public square, freedom thrives, neighbors help each other, and businesses flourish; the Gem State also has so much to offer an adventurous soul. I love exploring Idaho’s hidden spots and from Bonners Ferry to Rogerson, I have fallen in love with the landscape of this state which includes everything from farms to lakes, meandering rivers to rocky cliffs, and great swaths of mountainous wilderness. Our state boasts of incredible beauty, quaint towns, fun cities, and rich resources; but its greatest asset is and shall always be the people who reside here. Idahoans are special people. I love to travel, but I tell you, nothing compares to touching down on Idaho soil after a trip away. Breathing deeply and the feeling of “home again” never gets old.

I have pursued higher education here at home and have earned undergraduate degrees in criminal justice, liberal arts, political science, history, and international studies; and a graduate degree in public policy: international affairs. Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in public policy: Chinese affairs. My academic “niche,” if you will, is Marxism and Chinese foreign policy. 

For the past two years, I have served in the Idaho Republican Party as an executive officer in the Canyon County Republican Central Committee, have worked to rally young conservatives in Canyon County and beyond, and served as caucus co-captain of the District 10 Canyon County presidential caucus. Additionally, in 2023, I had the unique experience of working with the nation’s leading conservative think tank in Washington D.C. in a research and analysis role.

D.C. is corrupt…When I got there, I thought “Idaho is leaps and bounds better than this cesspool!” But as time wore on, I discovered that that is only true in certain ways. When I got home, I was surprised to see how much Idaho had slid. Our Idaho. More than ever before in the past two years, I am determined to fight for our state and get us back on track.

This place is my home and I do not want to see it fall to the ideology and corruption that is destroying other states.

In Liberty, 

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