Issues & Policy

Issues/Policy Stances-

Civil Society:

The first right the Founders identified in the Declaration of Independence is life. It is the most basic of humanity’s unalienable rights. I believe life is sacred and spans from conception to natural death and should be protected without exception.

The natural family is the backbone of civil society. Without a strong family unit, our Republic cannot stand. I believe in the sacrality of marriage between one man and one woman, the centrality of parents in raising their children and overseeing their education, and oppose attempts to redefine marriage and the family unit; and the sexualization of children.

A key component of economic prosperity is a well-educated population. Education policies that benefit students, families, and communities allow parents to choose the learning environment that best suits their children. Idaho ranks painfully low in educational attainment but throwing more money at the public school system isn’t the answer. Parents have the responsibility of guiding their children’s education whether that’s through open enrollment at the school of their choice, private or charter schools, or homeschooling. A “blessing” that resulted from the COVID-19 lockdowns is the widespread exposure of public school curricula.  

  • Marxism- This poisonous ideology has sunk its venomous teeth into every sphere of American life and poses one of the greatest threats to our Republic. Embedded in the contemporary “social justice” movement, American Marxism is being force-fed to the American people through rewriting history, redefining vernacular and directing speech, recreating Marx’s “class struggle,” and reinstating racism en masse. I oppose any policies or movements that include Marxism.     
  • Critical Theory- Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Theory; Social Emotional Learning, Feminism, etc., are being integrated into K-12 and higher education and are destructive to children, our state, and the fabric of the American identity. I oppose any critical theory in education or any other sphere and oppose spending money on any policies that include critical theory.  
  • Civics- Studying the rights and duties of citizens in our Republic is a critical element of saving our state and taking back our country. I support passing legislation that brings back civic requirements to education.  
  • Teacher’s Unions and Tenure- Teacher’s Unions fund initiatives that are often politically driven rather than being academically charged by collecting membership dues from teachers. Unions are supporting and pushing the indoctrination of students with propaganda about the United States and Marxist and critical theories. I oppose any taxpayer money being allocated to funding Teacher’s Unions and oppose the strength of the role Teacher’s Unions play in the Idaho educational system. Additionally, I oppose tenure.     

Economic Policy:

Agriculture & Lands- A great source of our strength as a state and a nation is agriculture. I believe that Idaho ranchers and farmers should be able to participate in fair and free trade in domestic and foreign markets and that the government’s role in agriculture should be limited. Additionally, I support the protection of farmland in Idaho. I believe Idaho should manage its own water without interference from the federal government and oppose the removal or breaching of existing dams in Idaho. Finally, I support legislation that limits and reduces the amount of land owned or managed by the federal government or foreign enemy governments.    

I support economic policy that is fiscally conservative and works towards reducing spending, balancing the budget, cutting taxes, and offering transparency regarding government expenditures. Additionally, I support free markets, deregulation, and self-reliance; and oppose the state of Idaho accepting federal money.


Limited Government- In his inaugural address, President Reagan stated that “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem” (1981). The founding fathers understood that to ensure individual liberty, government must be limited. I support legislation that reduces government. 

Federalism- The decentralization of power ensures that we the people are protected from government encroachment. I support the state of Idaho exercising its rights as a state in a federalist system.

Rule of Law- Inscribed on the back of the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. are the words: “Justice, the Guardian of Liberty.” Without impartial and equal justice, liberty and an ordered society are lost. Just rule of law is the bedrock of society. 

Election Integrity- Many of the rights we as Americans enjoy are based on the right to vote. Because the United States is a Republic, we get to have a say in who runs our communities, states, and nation. Without fair and free elections, a nation cannot be free. I support legislation that safeguards free and fair elections.  

Second Amendment- I support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms per the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and stand-your-ground/ castle doctrine. I oppose red flag laws and gun control.

Immigration and Border Crisis- We are a country under invasion. I support the construction of a wall along our southern border and recognize that securing our southern border is critical for national security.