Vote Rachel Hazelip

House of Representatives District 10 Seat A


Idaho Primary Election

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


“The people are the only legitimate fountain of power.” ~James Madison”

Dear Idaho,

I am running for the House of Representatives in District 10 to give we the people a voice at the Capitol. My life did a one-eighty two years ago when I jumped into the political world to fight for liberty, justice, and truth. Many of you remember me from door-knocking your homes two years ago during my last race. It has been an honor to keep in touch with you over the past year and a half. Thank you for sharing your concerns and questions with me. Your appeals have not fallen on deaf ears…You asked me to run again and fight for you, your families, and your businesses and I am here to do so.

I never wanted to be in politics…after all, it is dirty, corrupt, and crony right? Well, we the people have a chance to change that. We can regain power from the cronyists, career politicians, and special interest groups that are running amuck in our state. 

We are at a pivotal point in American history. We are losing our country. I firmly believe to save our country, we must take back our states. As President Reagan told us, “Freedom is a fragile thing” (1967 Gubernatorial Inaugural Address). History has taught us that tyranny is homegrown… it happens when people become complacent and let their God-given rights slip away. Over the past several years especially, we’ve seen this occur at both the federal and state levels at an unprecedented rate.

Marxist and liberal ideology have spread like cancer across this country, infiltrating every sphere of life both locally and federally. And yes, that is true of Idaho too. It is here friends… and it has been for years. We have been blessed in Idaho to be a red state. Our population is one of the most conservative in the nation…however, our legislature is overrun by politicians who are Republican in name but not practice. We are a red state under blue management.

That needs to change. The majority of Idahoans are not being represented.

The Idaho of my childhood isn’t the Idaho I now see and it simultaneously saddens and angers me. Idaho has always embodied the values that built this great nation. We have long been a leader in educational freedom, medical autonomy, limited government, and the preservation of rights as outlined in the Constitution. That is the Idahoan identity. A slow erosion of that identity has taken place without most of us realizing what was happening.

We are engaged in a culture war over the American ethos. We are faced with the decay of the natural family, a gender identity crisis, a fabricated fight on moral hazard, a loss of civil discourse, and the societal execution of critical and independent thought. 

This is the war we are being thrust into… And it is a war that can only be won from the bottom up. The greatest social, political, or ideological shifts in history that brought about lasting and positive change began with the people. Grassroots movements. That is how we will secure our state.

I love Idaho and District 10, and I look forward to serving Idaho and fighting for liberty, justice, and truth in this capacity. To these things, I pledge my life, fortune, and sacred honor (Declaration of Independence, 1776).

Let’s keep Idaho, Idahome!

In Liberty,

Rachel Hazelip

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